SSD shipments outperform HDDs in 2020


The speeds offered by SSDs are pretty good. Although it’s a time-saving piece of equipment, it’s still expensive. As the capacity of SSDs increases, the price increases. When users want more storage space, they prefer HDDs over SSDs.

SSD shipments increased by 28 percent compared to HDDs in 2020

Manufacturers sold 333 million SSDs in 2020, according to TrendFocus, a data storage research and consulting firm. HDDs fell behind SSDs with 259 million sales, down 18 percent this year. Manufacturers sold 87 million SSDs in the last quarter of 2020. Among these manufacturers, the brands that ship the most SSDs are Samsung and Western Digital.

Samsung and Western Digital are followed by Kingston, Kioxia and SK Hynix. In the last quarter of 2020, SK Hynix shipped half as many SSDs as Wester Digital. Early SSDs were very expensive and therefore took a long time to deploy. As the capacity and price problems are resolved, HDDs will be replaced by SSDs.