SSAK3 wins MBC’s “Music Core” with “Beach Beach”


SSAK3 has triumphed on MBC’s Music Core with Beach Again.

SSAK3 has achieved its second win with Beach Again on Music Core. With 8399 points I beat María de Hwasa and How You Like That by BLACKPINK.

Watch the video below:

Take a look at the fan comments:

OMG, did SSAK3 beat BP? Wow, congratulations to our legends on their second victory! Your fans are so happy and proud of you! We hope they don’t hit / hit too much, LOL. 👋 👋 👋 Much love and support! ❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations SSAK3, rookie monsters, senior monsters, and digimon

No group appeared on the show today, why is one behind? 😳

Congratulations SSAK3 even though I don’t know you 😁 From ARMY

You go and ask the Koreans why BLACKPINK didn’t win because of the local votes … people are more interested in SSAK3 than BLACKPINK

Why can’t you be happy for the winner? BP doesn’t have to win everything 13 wins are even a lot for them

Come on, I’m a BLINK too, but of course they can’t always win, after all, it’s been a month since Hylt launched, so now they have less chance of winning. Just be proud of what the queens have accomplished.

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