SSAK3 Second cup for ‘Beach Again’


SSAK3 trio group managed to get the second victory trophy in the music program since debut.

SSAK3 is a trio group consisting of Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori and Rain, formed through the variety show program ‘Hangout With Yoo’.

On Saturday (01/08), the song ‘Beach Again’ managed to excel in the ‘Music Core’ program after winning a total score of 8399 points.

SSAK3 defeated BLACKPINK who won 6609 points for the song ‘How You Like That’, and Hwasa who won 5714 points for the song ‘Maria’.

This is the second victory trophy that has been won by SSAK3 with the song ‘Beach Again’, having previously won the first trophy in the program ‘M! Countdown’.

Congratulations to SSAK3!

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