Squid Game Unleashes An Exciting Theory About The Characters


The Netflix drama The Squid Game captured the eyes of the world but there could be a secret in the story. The roles that each character has within The Squid Game might not be what you thought, there is a clue that has unleashed the curiosity of K-Drama fans.

With an exciting and suspenseful proposal, Netflix released another original production that is causing a sensation in many countries, this time not only among fans of Asian dramas and South Korean entertainment but in the general public, it is about by Squid Game .

The series takes us to meet a group of low-income and debt-ridden people who play a game that could solve their problems, but it is a competition that will put their lives at risk. Each episode is full of surprises and some mysteries that are solved little by little, but how were the roles that each one would take in The Squid Game determined ?

Recently a theory emerged from this K-Drama and it takes us back to the beginning of the story, but it seems that a seemingly unimportant decision would actually be charting the fate of the characters .


Throughout the game we see the participants wearing green uniforms and soldiers in red suits, colors that create a clear contrast between the activities that each one must carry out, but do you remember how it all started?

At the beginning of Squid Game, a cameo by Gong Yoo excited the audience, his character approaches the protagonist offering him to join a game that could help him financially and gives him a choice between a red and a blue envelope, but this could be a transcendental key.


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Some fans of the Netflix series think that those who chose blue become gamers, while those who selected red took on the role of soldiers in the game.

So far there is no confirmation from the production, but this exciting theory has won the support of many fans because it makes a lot of sense.


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