Squid Game Tries To Fix Real Phone Number Chaos


Netflix and the production of The Squid Game know about the conflict, but what do they propose to solve it? The premiere of Squid Game was a huge success, but the series included a real phone number that is causing problems for the original owner.

Recently we tell you that the new Korean series of Netflix has released a phone number through the card that is given to the characters in the drama , however it is not a dummy code but corresponds to a person who has used it for years.

The curiosity of Squid Game fans caused this person to receive thousands of calls and messages affecting their day to day, but Netflix already knows about this situation and although it has gotten to work, it seems that there is still no resolution.

To begin with, the production reported that their intention was not to cause this damage but since the number had been released there was not much they could do, so the simplest alternative would be for the affected user to change their phone number.

In addition, they denied the possibility of removing the number from the series and although they have provided alternatives, none have been entirely convincing.


The production team of the Netflix series offered a payment as compensation for the damage and inconvenience caused, which would be 1 million won, but they would later change their offer to 5 million.

The response of the series and movies platform has not left Internet users happy, who pointed out that they should remove the number by editing the scene and increase compensation, as well as resolve the matter as soon as possible.


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A decision has not been made yet, but while the matter is resolved, the drama of The Squid Game continues to attract attention and give a lot to talk about on social networks, all thanks to its exciting story.


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