Squeal Trailer Reveals a Confusing Tale [EXCLUSIVE]


Screen Rant can exclusively present the first look at the trailer for the upcoming film Squeal (formerly known as Samuel’s Travels), which will be released on August 19. Latvian products will be released by Good Deed Entertainment and Cranked Up Films. On request in the USA and Canada. Directed by Hayk Karapetyan (The Firstborn, the Man in the Orange Jacket) according to the script written by him and Alexander Rodionov in collaboration with Alexander Rodionov, is a darkly comic fairy tale inspired by Homer’s Odyssey.

Belgian actor Kevin Janssens plays Samuel, a man lost in a remote Eastern European village and looking for his way home. In search of his father on the edge of a mythical forest – this is how many fairy tales begin – he meets the daughter of a pig farmer named Kirke Kirke (Laura Silina), who deceitfully greets him and invites him to her house. Soon he realizes that he is being turned into a forced laborer, and he finds himself alone without support, unable to speak the language and chained next to pigs.

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In Screen Rant’s exclusive first look at the Squeal trailer below, viewers will see the first encounter between Sam and Kirke before the music gets darker and the mood gets terrifying. From that moment on, the film turns into a survival story in which Samuel tries to alternately adapt and escape. And it seems that one pig may be the key to unraveling the secrets of his imprisonment and release. Watch the trailer below:

(Watch the full trailer on YouTube.)

For those who are not familiar with the legend of Odysseus, the name Kirke is taken from the Greek goddess Circe. After meeting Odysseus and his fellow travelers on their way home after the Trojan War, she turns his people into pigs to force him to stay with her for a year. While pigs are undoubtedly an important part of Screeching, viewers will have to wait until the full movie is released to find out if Samuel will become one of them or eventually find his way home.

Squeal also stars Aigars Vilims, Normunds Griestins, Juris Bartkevics and Guntis Pilsums. Thanks to the dialogues in Latvian and English, the film has already been selected to participate in such festivals as last year’s Fantastic Fest and many others. Its duration is 85 minutes, and it is sure to captivate viewers throughout the entire time, regardless of whether they watch it in the cinema or at home.


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