“Squeaky bum time” is included in the Oxford English Dictionary


Sir Alex Ferguson’s immeasurable influence on football has gone down in history and will never be forgotten.

But now this great man has officially made an impact on an area that he may not have counted on during his brilliant career — the English language.

According to The Mirror, the phrase “squeaky bum time”, coined by Sir Alex, has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Sir Alex first uttered this phrase when he put pressure on Arsenal at the end of the 2003 season, suggesting that Arsene Wenger’s team would have to endure tense games and moments if they were going to eventually win the Premier League title.

The Oxford English Dictionary has announced that this phrase is now officially recognized in its quarterly update.

The official definition reads; Noun. squeaky bum time. Basically it’s an exciting part of a sporting event, especially the last moments of a close game or season.

On the eve of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the phrase “squeaking time” is one of the fifteen football phrases added to the OED.

The famous statement of Sir Alex’s rival and former United manager Jose Mourinho “park the bus” was also officially recognized and defined as; “Play in a very defensive manner, usually placing most of the field players close to their goal and not showing much intention to attack.”

13 other phrases related to football were included: Cruyff’s turn, Rabona, Panenka, total football, Gegenpressing, tiki-taka, false nine, row Z, best result, Far field, Top, Trequartista and zonal marking.

Sir Alex’s teams were known for their performances during the squeaky bums period, keeping their composure in games and title races to make Fergie the most decorated coach in the history of English football.

Eric Ten Hug is now in charge of the ship that Ferguson has shaped, and the Dutch manager hopes to survive many periods of creaking idleness during his time at Old Trafford.

The Dutch coach will be desperate to recapture the success the club has missed since Sir Alex’s retirement, and after five wins in his last six home games, there are signs he is starting to imprint on the club.


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