Square Enix register brands The First Soldier Ever Crisis


At the end of last year Square Enix patented a number of brands explicitly and / or probably related to the RPG Final Fantasy 7, but only today (January 11) did they become public.

On December 17, 2020, the brands Ever Crisis and The First Soldier were registered in Japan and, shortly after, on the 22nd, they registered the Shinra Electric Power Company logo.

The latter is the electric company that has become the biggest power on the planet both in the plot of the original Final Fantasy VII and in its recent Remake, while the mention of the “first soldier” probably refers to Sephiroth, the main villain of this adventure.

Ever Crisis is probably the most interesting record among the three, as its name refers to the PSP game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (2007) and the mobile game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (2004). Will we have a new journey at the Zack Fair?

Even today, shortly after the news became public, the producer used its Twitter to publicize a cloud emoji (Cloud, in English), which further aroused the curiosity of the staff. Will we have more news about the franchise soon? Share your theories with us in the comments below!


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