Square Enix purposely holds news from Final Fantasy 16


Naoki Yoshida, one of the main names behind Final Fantasy 14 commented that news about Final Fantasy 16 is on purpose and for a very good reason. In an interview with the Washington Post, he explains that he is now in the direction of Final Fantasy 16 and that the team does not want to reveal details for half the game so as not to give the wrong impression of what will be at launch. He explains that the tendency of fans is to create an expectation about what is shown and that it almost always ends up being different.

Yoshida comments that disseminating incomplete information allows some people to share a view of the game that is not the real one and end up inducing others to think that way.

Despite this, the promise is that we will have news about this title in 2021. One of the last news we had about the game is from November last year, with the official account of the game drawing happy holidays to all followers on Twitter.

It is also worth mentioning that the trailer released at the end of last year, although enigmatic, gives several clues as to what we can expect from the story and several excerpts with gameplay.

In addition, a website was launched to tell more details about the world and characters in Final Fantasy XVI. We already know that we will follow the trajectory of Clive Rosfield, eldest son of the archduke of Rosaria and his younger brother Joshua Rosfield. As described on the website, protagonist Clive was expected to inherit the flames of Phoenix and awaken as his dominant, but fate ended up choosing Joshua. After specializing in sword, Clive’s career ends tragically because of an Eikon of darkness, beginning a journey of revenge.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released for PlayStation 5 and has no release date yet.


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