Square can buy online music service Tidal


The payments company Square, managed by Twitter’s founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, deals with the online music platform Tidal. According to Bloomberg’s report, the talks on the subject are led by the famous rapper Jay-Z, who bought Dorsey and Tidal in 2015.

In the news, it states that no agreement has been reached between the parties. Still, it must be said that this is a remarkable claim. Tidal; It competes directly with platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited. Tidal, which started broadcasting in 2014, later re-launched with the ownership of Jay-Z and the support of famous names such as Daft Punk, Jack White and Kanye West. The platform was the exclusive publisher of Rihanna’s “ANTI” and The Carters’ “Everything is Love” in 2016. Tidal’s exclusive content deals have already expired.

However, it should be noted that Tidal still has some advantages. Users can switch to HiFi plan for higher sound quality. This package offers a higher sound quality than Apple Music and Spotify offer. Tidal’s number of subscribers is still uncertain. It was previously claimed that the service gave false information about the number of plays of popular albums.

Things are going well for Square, which deals with Tidal. Accelerating with its square-shaped credit card reader, the company can diversify its fields of activity and meet a different user base with Tidal.


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