Spyware allows you to unlock iPhones without user consent


There is a “new” tool available on the market, which can capture the iPhone unlock password without users’ consent.

The Grayshift company is known for marketing a tool called GrayKey, which can break iPhone encryption, including the latest models, by providing access to the device for “unauthorized” people. This process, however, can take minutes to days to complete, depending on the password.

Now, it has been discovered that Grayshift has software (spyware), which can work in conjunction with the GrayKey device. We are talking about Hide UI.

Hide UI can be installed on the iPhone using GrayKey connected to the device. As part of its function, spyware is completely hidden, while monitoring the use of the device. When the user enters the unlock password, the software captures it to break the encryption later.

Grayshift does not publicly disclose the existence of Hide UI. The company only cites “advanced features” when advertising GrayKey. However, American legal agents have confirmed that the software has been in use for about a year now, by companies that purchased GrayKey. Confidentiality contracts are what keep software unknown to the general public.

As we can see, after the spyware is installed, the device needs to be returned to the hands of its owner, so that the password can be entered, which demonstrates that the process requires a little patience to give the desired result.

Privacy issues
American League Civil Liberties (ACLU) attorney Jennifer Granick considered Hide UI to be a clear violation of citizens’ privacy rights. She said the government’s desire to break secrecy is a “disturbing” situation.

Meanwhile, Grayshift’s CEO, David Miles, said his company only does business with companies and bodies that are considered legal or “correct”.


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