Spy x Family: Why Anya is the most important character in the series


Anya Forger is one of the main reasons why people tune in to watch the series “Family of Spies”. Adopted daughter of Loid and Jor Forgers. Anya herself is a sweet and energetic girl. Together they are an example of an ideal family — at least that’s how an outsider can see them.

The truth, however, is much more exciting than that. Loyd is actually the most successful spy in Vestalis, known exclusively by his code name; Twilight. While Yor is actually a deadly killer known throughout the underworld as the Princess of Thorns. Anya herself is actually a psychic who can read other people’s thoughts. The Forger family is actually a fake family. To fulfill one of her most important missions, Sparkle gathers these wonderful people to create a fake family. At the same time, he does not know the secret identity of his new family. In fact, Anya is the only one who knows the truth about her real parents. And that is why she has a completely unique position in the Family of Forgers.

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Anya’s unique position in the family of Forgers

No matter how well Loyd and Yor lie, Anya will always know the truth behind their words and actions. This means that Anya is the one who owns the largest amount of information in the house of Forgers, and she can manipulate this information as she sees fit.

It may sound ominous when we say that, after all, she’s just an innocent child. But, in truth, it is this childish and innocent side of her character that is the reason that Anya can and will manipulate her parents to a certain extent. In fact, she has already done it several times in the series.

The first and most obvious is when Loyd comes to the shelter in search of a child for adoption. Anya tells everything he wants to hear, and even lies about her age and intelligence, because she knows what kind of child Loid needs.

The second most obvious moment is when she talks about wanting to have a mother in front of Yore, who at this time is also looking for a man who is ready to be her fake boyfriend. If Anya did not say anything at the same time, then both Loyd and Yor may not even talk about their true intention. As for the reason Anya chose Yor as her mother, well, because she knows about Yor’s true identity and thought it would be cool to have a killer mother.

Moving the story forward

Although Loyd and Yor have cool professions, in fact Anya moves the story. Knowing the true intentions behind his parents’ actions, she can more or less direct them to make a decision that will benefit her, as mentioned above, and thus move the story forward. At the same time, this strategy does not always lead to a successful result, for example, when Loyd studies, despite her constant protest.

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In addition, the main storyline of Spy x Family is actually Loyd’s secret mission, which completely depends on Anya and what she does at school. Needless to say, Anya gets a lot more screen time than both of her infamous parents. Her activities at school are the essence of history. So, once again, she is the one who moves the story forward.

Comedic Relief

Although Anya can adjust her actions and decisions based on the thoughts of people around her, especially her parents, the chances that everything will go according to her wishes are actually quite small. Most often, her naive and childish thinking actually leads to a much more chaotic and cheerful result.

That’s why Anya is also assigned the role of a comedic heroine in this story. Of course, we, the audience, laugh a little, looking at the tense Loyd and the frivolous Yor, but the source of the audience’s smile and laughter mainly comes from Anya and her unpredictable antics. The moment she hits Damian, and the meaningless excuse she utters afterwards, along with her absurd facial expression, is undoubtedly one of the funniest moments in the series.

Cute icon

Whether he was aware of it or not, Tatsuya Endo, the mangaka of Spy x Family, created a cute and iconic character out of Anya. Her appearance screams charming and cute, her energetic but silly personality is so attractive, and her random antics will cause laughter and sympathy from every viewer.

She is charming, attractive and can make you laugh, so yes, she has all the recipes of an iconic character. In fact, ever since the series aired its first episode, all sorts of memes related to Anya have been circulating on the Internet like wildfire. The last of them are fans who insert Anya into cult scenes in other manga, such as Naruto, Bleach, My Hero Academy and many others.

Thus, Anya is the one who moves the story forward, she creates several key comedic moments, and is also an icon that everyone loves. So yes, Anya is, unmistakably, the most important character in Spy x Family.