Spy x Family: Who is Frankie Franklin?


An unusual family of Forgers, of course, got into a rather unpleasant situation throughout the history of Spy x Family. The Twilight Superspy (also known as the “Loid Forger”) has assembled the perfect cover family to complete his latest mission, even more miraculously, with willing participants who have agreed to become his wife and daughter. With Loyd, Jor and Anya hiding their secrets and motives for being part of the Forgers, it’s really a sight worth watching. However, the antics of Forgers are not carried out alone. The only spy in Twilight is the jolly Frankie Franklin, “The Square-Faced Man.”

Tatsuya Endo’s manga and anime tells about Loida, Yora and Ana Forger, who juggle being part of this fake family and keep their ulterior motives of joining a secret. Loyd is a spy who needs a cover to infiltrate the school, Yor is a killer who needs to give the impression that she is married in order to divert suspicion from her, and Anya is a telepath who knows both of these things thanks to her telepathic abilities that she keeps. the secret is to stay in the family. This chaotic dynamic is the golden thread on Agent Twilight’s path to fulfilling her mission.

Twilight and Frankie

When Twilight was a little boy, he always wanted to join the army with his friends. They will pretend to fight with the Ostaan soldiers and make their country Vestali proud. After all the adults in Sparkle’s life told him that there would be no war, Ostania suddenly attacked Vestalis. Its consequences have led to the deaths of millions of people, including the Sparkle family. When there was nothing left in the world that he loved and harbored anger, Sparkle joined the Vestalis army as a teenager. It was here that he first met Frankie.

On a mission, Sparkle heard someone puffing and puffing in the forest. He reacted by shooting at the sound, but found that the sound came from Frankie, who begged him not to shoot. Frankie was a deserter from the British army. He considered the war pointless, which contradicted Twilight’s opinion. Twilight considered the outliers to be the cause of the war and the cause of the death of his loved ones, Frankie experienced the same thing, but for him Vestalis started the war. When Sparkle was about to shoot Frankie, they were intercepted by the fire of the British army, and Frankie fled.

Now, as a work colleague and friend, Frankie cares a lot about Sparkle’s success in Operation Strix. He disguises himself as a woman to see if he can impersonate Sparkle’s wife, explores Anya, as well as other things to help the mission succeed. In particular, he pretends to be a villain who pretends to kidnap Anya so that Sparkle saves her in a fictional game to celebrate her acceptance into Eden Academy.

Frankie’s job at W.I.S.E.

Sparkle and Frankie work for the Westalis intelligence service, or W.I.S.E. The organization hired Sparkle as a soldier based on his talent as a fighter. After careful preparation and testing, he became a spy for the organization. His missions will be assigned to him by Sylvia Sherwood in various unique ways. The tools and gadgets Sparkle needs for his missions are made by Frankie, who communicates with Sparkle under the facade of a tobacco shop, where he also passes him information for his missions as an informant.

Frankie’s Gadgets

Frankie knows how to invent the tools necessary for W.I.S.E. missions, and he likes what he does. This is noticeable in chapter 43 of the manga. Frankie and Jor go in search of a missing cat belonging to a woman Frankie has been in love with lately. To find Mr. Kopi, Frankie snatches several listening devices made by him, which he then places all over the city in areas where cats are concentrated. He equipped the devices with sensors that respond to the call on the collar of the Mine.

When that didn’t work, he presented a prototype of a bait system to stimulate feline intimacy (“CAT-NIP”). This little invention will dispel the smell of catnip, which will lure Kopi to the device and Frankie. However, his most powerful invention is his exoskeletal power suit. It took him ten years to create the costume, and he gives the owner superhuman abilities. Frankie tells Yoru that he has always dreamed of improving the world with his inventions. Admittedly, he also hoped that patents on his creations would make him rich.

More than just a comic book

While Spy x Family is certainly rife with humor from all the characters, Frankie is one of the leading comic characters in anime. However, this does not mean that this is all he is. He knows the inside of the world that he and Sparkle are a part of. Frankie is Sparkle’s confidant throughout the anime, and also shares pearls of wisdom with her from time to time. He advises him never to trust anyone, because it is the only way to survive in this world for people like them.