Sputnik V vaccine distributed in Russia regions


Russian Health Minister Muraşko stated that the Sputnik V coroanavirus vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Research Center has entered mass production and started to be distributed to different parts of the country.

Russian Health Minister Mihail Muraşko said at the meeting with the health ministers of the BRICS countries, “Sputnik V vaccine entered civilian circulation and started to be distributed to the regions as of today. Industrial capacities are being increased. Manufacturers have worked on technical regulations, they are starting mass production ”.

It was stated that the Sputnik V vaccine showed 92 percent efficiency, which could be compared with the vaccine developed by the Pfizer company and showing 90 percent efficiency.

The Sputnik V choroanvirus vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Research Center was registered on August 11. Currently the vaccine is undergoing post-registration research. 40 thousand people are participating in the research conducted in Russia, 20 thousand of them are now vaccinated. Clinical trials of the vaccine are also being conducted in Belarus, UAE, Venezuela, India and other countries.

Earlier, the Russian Direct Investment Fund had announced that they received orders for more than 1 billion 200 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine from more than 50 countries.

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