Spray kills coronavirus and protects masks for 3 days


A spray created by researchers at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), capable of neutralizing the new coronavirus for three days, may be the solution for those who are tired of washing their masks daily.

Introduced in early November, SprayCov is produced with copper salts, which have been used to combat pests in agriculture for over 100 years, together with a mixture of biodegradable polymers, which act as “glue” to fix salts. The interactions between such materials were studied by scientists before the pandemic, and with the advent of covid-19, they decided to test the formula on Sars-CoV-2.

According to the professor at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at Unicamp Marisa Masumi Beppu, the idea was a success. The spray eliminated the coronavirus in one minute and maintained 99% effectiveness for 48 hours after application. “Our formula is not a sanitizing agent like the 70 alcohol or sodium hypochlorite that we use for cleaning, this is a process to make the mask capable of inactivating the virus”, he explained.

Also according to Beppu, the technology is indicated for personal protective equipment (PPE) by health professionals, but it can also be used in fabric masks. Once applied, the material creates an active barrier capable of destroying the virus as soon as it comes in contact with the covered surface.


After testing SprayCov on several surfaces, achieving satisfactory results, the Innovation Agency Inova Unicamp applied for the patent application for the product. The idea is to license the technology to take it to the market.

The cost of applying the spray was calculated by scientists at just under R $ 0.02 per mask. According to the institution, low value is one of the advantages of the formula in relation to other products of the type.

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