Spotify’s new design will make podcasts easier


Spotify changed its home screen design about a year ago, making it easier for users to find their favorite playlists and podcasts. The online music and podcast platform is getting ready to make a few small touches to this new design which is quite useful.

First, unfinished podcast episodes will be featured in the area showing upcoming playlists and podcasts. Thus, these podcasts can be restarted with a single touch. In addition, a blue dot will be placed next to the subscribed podcasts to indicate the arrival of the new episode.

A “date” button will be added next to the grid where recommendations are shown at the top of the main screen. This button will allow users to view their quarterly music and podcast streaming history. It can be said that this is an addition that will delight users, as it is not easy to find what has been listened to in the past on Spotify.

On Spotify, users will be shown recommendation cards for the artists they follow. According to the information provided by the company, in this new section, “personalized, timely and reactive” content will be presented to users. In the post by Spotify, it is seen that these cards can be used to announce new music by the artists.

Spotify will bring its new home screen design to iOS and Android users in the next month.


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