Spotify’s anger at Apple doesn’t stop


Spotify made an angry statement less than an hour after Apple’s Apple Watch and iPad event ended last night. Sharing once again its distrust and frustration with Apple, the music and podcast platform accused the Cupertino-based company of acting anti-competitive.

Spotify’s statement includes the following statements: “Apple is once again using its dominant position and unfair practices to weaken its competitors and gain an advantage for its services. We urge competition authorities to urgently restrict Apple’s anti-competitive behavior. If these actions are not controlled, they can cause irreparable harm to the developer community. This will threaten our collective freedom in listening, learning, creating and connecting. ”

Spotify did not provide information on which announcement at Apple’s event led to this announcement. However, it is not difficult to guess about it. The Apple One package, which Apple offers together Arcade, TV Plus, iCloud and Music subscription for $ 15 per month, is the first option that comes to mind. This package, which includes a music subscription, poses a threat to Spotify.

Spotify and Apple have been at odds over Apple’s App Store policies for over a year. Spotify, who complained about Apple to the European Commission in March 2019, argues that the 30 percent revenue commission Apple received from the apps in the App Store was unfair. The company also claims that Apple acts as a monopoly on iOS. Due to this complaint, an investigation is being conducted against Apple by the European Commission.

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