Spotify will test a new method for song promotion


Spotify will begin testing artists and record labels to promote songs under the recommendation section. In this way, artists will be able to deliver the songs they want to stand out more easily to large audiences.

In addition to promoting new songs, Spotify notes that this feature can be used to celebrate an album’s release anniversary or to support a song going viral. According to the company, with this tool, artists will have more say in people’s discovery of music on the platform. For example; Proposing a song by a singer for the general audience will encourage listeners to hear other songs as well.

Record companies and artists will be able to pay for this promotion by deducting royalties from Spotify. While the company stated that every artist can benefit from this opportunity, it did not give any information about the amount of deduction.

This feature will work within the framework of Spotify’s general recommendation practice. No guarantee will be given to the artists regarding placement. The service will not recommend a song to a user that it doesn’t think will be of interest to it. If the song gets more attention, Spotify will continue to prioritize suggestions.

Spotify will activate the promotion feature through the new proposal only in Radio and Autoplay. These tools automatically play more music when an album or playlist is complete. Spotify will continue to test the new tool in more customized features.


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