Spotify Will Integrate Greenroom Into Its Main App


Spotify: It is a fact that many companies have gone to great lengths to incorporate a similar feature into the ClubHouse service. The app offered a site where content creators could interact with their audience but only via audio. Of course, Spotify has been one of those who wanted to integrate this service thanks to the development of Greenroom, which will soon be integrated into the main app.

Spotify’s live audio app is coming to the main app

Sometimes dividing does not mean winning. This can be seen very well in the world of applications, where users sometimes have two different programs that serve exactly the same purpose and are from the same developer. For example: if you have the Facebook Lite app on your mobile, you don’t need the main app for the same service, especially if you want to free up space.

In fact, we have recently seen how Instagram deleted two of its independent filters from the application stores since they can also be used in the social network app. But today we are going to focus on the case of Spotify, one in which we may soon see the absorption of one of its independent applications.

Last year, the company showed the world a new application to compete against ClubHouse. This app was called Greenroom, which had the same purpose of giving users a place to connect with many people through a room in which the host speaks and the rest can comment in writing what they think or just listen .

However, it seems that of all these clones it is not the one that is having the most impact, something that is most curious considering the nature of this application. So the firm, by 9to5Mac’s account, could be close to making a big change to the app. This step, we will see two things: the first is the integration of Greenroom to the main Spotify app, and the second is the change of its name that could be called Spotify Live.

This could help give users one more option within the app, prevent them from downloading an extra app, and save some space on their phones. Everybody wins, or at least that’s what Spotify hopes by integrating the feature.