Spotify will categorize your favorite songs!


Spotify, one of the most popular digital music services, competes with strong competitors in the market. New features are constantly being tested to compete with other platforms such as Apple Music and Deezer. Fierce competition between digital music services is the main reason for the race to provide users with the best experience. As one of the user benefits of this competition, Spotify will bring new filters to the favorite songs list with a new step it takes.

Spotify favorite songs list reshaping

One of the biggest benefits that digital music services provide us is undoubtedly playlists. Featuring titles such as favorite songs or recorded songs on many platforms, the bookmarking feature makes it easy. New filtering features that Spotify will bring will separate the songs according to their genre and mood. This feature seems to please those who want to listen to the most suitable music.

According to the article published by Spotify, in order for this feature to be active, there should be at least 30 songs in the favorite songs list. After finding this number of parts, up to 15 mood filters and sorting by types can be used.

Spotify will first test the change it will make in its favorite songs list in the American continent. However, it is among the information that will come to all countries in the coming weeks. Do you think this feature will be useful?


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