Spotify will bring podcasts to TV and movies


Spotify and Chernin Entertainment sign a first sight deal to turn podcasts into TV shows and movies

More Spotify podcasts could soon become TV shows or movies thanks to a new multi-year partnership announced today between streaming music provider and television and film production company Chernin Entertainment.

The deal will allow Chernin to identify and adapt movies and TV shows from Spotify’s library of more than 250 original podcast series, totaling thousands of hours of content.

The two companies, through Spotify-owned Gimlet Media, were already working together in collaboration with Pineapple Street Media on the upcoming adaptation of the podcast series, The Clearing, about serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards.

Agreement between Spotify and Chernin Entertainment

Those efforts will continue as the deal opens Chernin to Spotify’s largest podcast library of shows from around the world.

The production company is known today for such films as “Ford v Ferrari”, the trilogy “Planet of the Apes”, “The Great Showman” and “Hidden Figures”, as well as for television shows such as “New Girl” and ” See “And” Truth be told. ”

This spring, he signed a first-look deal for feature films with Netflix, after losing a previous first-look deal with 20th Century Fox that ended when Disney acquired Fox’s feature film operations.

Those and other industry changes have put Chernin on the path of seeking new sources of intellectual property that can be translated into film, television and other types of digital video.

Meanwhile, the growth of podcasting has made audio programming a viable new source of original content that can be translated into other media, such as film and television. This podcasting market is also one that Spotify has invested heavily in, with its acquisitions of podcast companies, such as Gimlet and The Ringer, as well as podcasting tools that allow more people to become creators, such as Anchor.

Spotify tells TechCrunch that the deal does not include any commitment to tailor a certain number of podcasts into video projects, but it believes the volume will be high, the specific terms of the deal, including potential revenue sharing details, were also not disclosed.

However, the agreement does not prevent Spotify from working with other production companies on the shows Chernin chooses to broadcast, it does not specify any marketing or promotional commitments. These will be handled project by project, Spotify says.

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Spotify’s library of 250 original shows, as well as those it continues to release in the weeks and months to come, will remain at the center of this deal, but there may be scenarios where companies will also collaborate on adaptations beyond that group, we says Spotify. .

The goal is to find out what kinds of shows translate well to movies and television – on this front, Spotify says it believes its diversity of content, its ability to analyze data, and creator access will be an advantage.

Spotify’s original podcast library includes popular shows in a variety of genres, which is a key asset in this deal, and Spotify will be able to leverage data on show performance thanks to its prior development of specialized analytics tools.

For example, Spotify currently allows podcasters to track their own show performance and other anonymous audience data through the Spotify for Podcasters service.

Now the company will be able to use this same data set to help identify potential adaptations that would work well. Because Spotify also owns several of the podcast production companies, it can also help identify visionary creators who may be best suited to help with larger adaptations of this nature.

This is not the first time that content from a Spotify podcast has been turned into movies or television. The company today has nearly a dozen projects in various stages of completion, including the adaptation of “Homecoming” for Amazon Prime Video, in addition to upcoming projects like “The Two Princes” for HBO Max and “The Horror of Dolores Roach” for Prime. Video.

Spotify and Chernin don’t announce any of the first projects that will result from this deal today, but, given standard development and production schedules, 2021 would be the earliest such content would make its debut.

“At Spotify, we believe that the extraordinary growth of audio will continue to attract the world’s great creators,” Dawn Ostroff, Spotify’s commercial director of content and advertising, said in an announcement.


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