Spotify users couldn’t listen to music for an hour


Many Spotify users have not been able to play music properly for over an hour.

According to user complaints, the songs pause after playing for only a few seconds, and the Spotify application shows an error stating “the current track cannot be played”. Spotify noted that he was aware of the problem and checked the situation in the first tweet he shared on his Twitter account.

Spotify did not provide information about the cause of the problem, but it seems that the company forgot to renew its TLS certificate. A Cloudflare engineer noted that an important Spotify certificate has expired. The service returned to normal shortly after the relevant certificate was renewed. Spotify also announced this in a second tweet.

Such interruptions do not happen to Spotify users, so we have to say we were surprised. The last major problem with the streaming service occurred in July, and the application was crashing during startup. However, this was caused by the problem that occurred in Facebook iOS SDK and affected many other applications.


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