Spotify users can listen to music with Group session


Spotify now offers its paying users the opportunity to listen to music tracks and podcasts simultaneously with friends and family members. Moreover, they have the opportunity to listen together even if they are not in the same place.

With this feature called Group Session, which we can translate into Turkish as Group Session, Spotify Premium users can create a link that they can share with five friends. These friends also become Premium subscribers. In this way, they can listen to the contents at the same time.

Any person in the party listening together can have the opportunity to pause, play or skip tracks. It can also select tracks from the playlist and add their own selections. There is no chat feature, which means that listeners together need other apps to chat among themselves regarding the track or podcast they’re listening to.

Premium users who want to create a listening session need to click on the Connect menu in the lower left corner of the playback screen and choose the “Start a group session” option from there. After clicking this, they will get a link that they can share via social media or messaging. This feature is still in beta. However, Spotify says this will improve over time.

The Group Session was first introduced as a tool that allows people who were together in May to create listening parties. The hosts also shared a Spotify Code, allowing guests to add the tracks they love. The company aims to gain subscribers who pay more money with the features it offers for premium users.

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