Spotify tricks: How to delete a playlist


Everyone who has a smartphone knows that they can use it as a media player. In addition, thanks to its Internet connection, it is possible to enter streaming services in order to have a wide library of content on the Internet. One of them is Spotify, where you will find songs from your favorite artists or at least some of them. However, you may have many lists so this is the moment when we teach you how to delete a playlist that you do not listen to.

Goodbye to the playlists that you don’t listen to

Having a playlist on Spotify is very simple. Just create a new one to put all the songs that are played and want to save. Specifically, each of the playlists contains up to 10,000 songs, so you have plenty of space for all the songs you can imagine. But it may be that you have many folders divided in the most varied ways and that is why we are going to tell you how to delete those Spotify playlists.

We first tell you the steps you need to delete these lists from your smartphone. The method works the same for both iOS and Android devices, so there is no loss.

Step 1
Open Spotify and select the Library

Step 2
Select the list to delete

Step 3
Click on the three points in the upper right

Step 4
Tap on the delete option and confirm it

Now we will tell you how to follow these steps in the app that has the streaming music service for Windows 10 or MacOS computers.

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Step 1
Open Spotify

Step 2
Click on the playlist to delete from the left sidebar

Step 3
Select the three dots below the title

Step 4
Click on delete and then confirm it


As you can see, they are two identical systems, but you should know an additional detail: if you use your account on two devices, it will disappear permanently in both. For this reason you must be very sure of your decision, or at least that you want to get rid of that specific folder. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have mistakenly deleted one that was not, you have two options to recover it: The first is to use the command ctrl + z in the Mac application or ctrl + shift + z in the case of Windows. The second is that in your mobile app go to the menu and look for the option to recover playlist if it is not too late.


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