Spotify Tricks: How to Change Profile Picture


Spotify: The main part in the customization of any application goes through the formation of a user profile. You need to put your name, nickname and possibly some information regarding your location to speed up billing. But among all this there is a feature that only you can put to your liking and that is the profile image. This happens in all types of applications and that is why we are going to show you how to change the profile image of your account on Spotify.

How to change the Spotify profile picture

It may seem like the easiest thing in the world to create a profile on an Internet page and start using it. It is the most basic procedure, not to say that it is the simplest of all. In addition, it has points to change and customize such as the profile image. This is the most basic and, in fact, the different applications and services put it in an accessible area for you to modify it.

However, if you have never given up making these types of changes, we will tell you how to put a profile image on Spotify. Yes, the streaming music application needs to know your data to work and, like many others, it lets you put the image you want in your personal section. You may have found a photo on the Internet that you like, that you want to put a selfie or a photo of your dog, the theme does not matter as long as it is something that represents you, or maybe not much.

The steps are very simple and we will describe them below:
From your Internet browser, enter Spotify
Enter the web player from the main page
Click on profile
Select the large oval next to your username
In the new window select the image you want
Keep in mind that this function also allows you, from here, to automatically remove the photo, choose a new one from your computer and change your username if you wish. On the other hand, this feature is also available if you use it from your smartphone, where you have to follow the following points to change your profile picture on Spotify for mobile phones.

Open Spotify on your smartphone
Click on the gear and then on view your profile
In the new section, edit the profile
Click on change photo
Choose the image you want and quadrate it with the circular format
Save the progress and you will be all set.


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