Spotify: The New Move To Improve Podcasts!


Spotify, which is constantly working on it, bought the artificial intelligence supported Podz platform to increase the podcast experience. Spotify, one of the most popular music and podcast platforms in the world, is becoming more user-oriented by gaining better features day by day. However, the company is constantly working to take this further. According to the latest report, Spotify has bought a new platform for podcasts this time.

Making a statement from its official blog site this morning, Spotify announced that it has acquired Podz, a podcast discovery platform. The company, which wants to improve the podcast feature, promises to provide a high-level experience to the user thanks to this platform.

Spotify acquires podcast discovery platform Podz

Recently, he started working on the podcast side of companies such as Facebook. However, Spotify, which did not want to lose in this area, bought Podz to solve the podcast-related problems and make it better. This artificial intelligence supported platform will increase the podcast experience by doing things for the benefit of the user.

Podcasts usually last more than 30 minutes. Therefore, users cannot switch directly to a new program like ordinary music. Here Spotify will focus on solving this problem thanks to the Podz platform. Now when you want to discover a new show, Podz will present a 60-second clip just like news feeds.

Normally, podcasters often use apps like Headliner to create short videos and share them on their social media accounts. But Podz, which adopts the same idea as Headliner, will enable better work to be done for the benefit of both the broadcaster and the listener and will increase the experience.


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