Spotify tests what Apple Watch owners expect


Almost two years have passed since the launch of the Spotify Apple Watch app. Spotify has begun testing with a small group of over-the-clock playback that users have been waiting for quite a while.

Spotify’s Apple Watch app was released in November 2018. Although some updates have been made in the application since that day, such as Siri support, the absence of features such as clock play or offline playback caused the application to lag behind its competitors. Currently, the app is nothing more than a remote control that can control the music playing on the iPhone.

However, a report on the site indicates that this is starting to change. Some users see the feature of playing music on the clock, even with the “beta” label. The presence of the beta tag indicates that the feature is not available to all users. The criteria by which the users included in the test were determined are not known for now.

With this feature, users will be able to play music directly from the Spotify Apple Watch app and listen through the watch’s speakers. Users will also be able to benefit from the Bluetooth speakers they connect to the watch. For now, it remains unclear when this feature will be available to all users.

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