Spotify takes its users to the past with Time Capsule


Taking into account the increased interest of its users in old music recently, Spotify has renewed the playlist called Time Capsule, which it previously presented. This list, specially prepared for each person, includes a range of songs from the past to the present in different categories.

Spotify has 50 different songs in Time Capsule. In addition to the songs that are listened to frequently on this list, it is also possible to encounter forgotten or unforgettable works of popular musicians.

While Spotify announces its renewed playlist, it draws attention to this explanation that behaviorist David Di Salvo used earlier: “Music, like the smell, is one of the things that takes people directly to that nostalgic moment. It takes you exactly to that place. For example, anyone can remember that song they listened to during their first kiss. ”

With these words by David Di Salvo, Spotify explains why people prefer nostalgic music and the main motivation to renew the Time Capsule.

You can access the Spotify Time Capsule list from the “Compiled for you” section of the application or from the “Period Music” section in mobile applications. Both free and Premium subscribers of Spotify can listen to this list.


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