Spotify Takes Control Of Podcasts!


Spotify stands out as a Swedish music and podcast streaming service. There are almost unlimited musical possibilities on the platform, as well as many podcasts. Although some of these podcasts are very useful for users, sometimes malicious content can also be created.

Spotify Takes a New Step to Block Malicious Content

Spotify, which wants to eliminate such malicious content on the platform, has announced the purchase of a company that can control podcasts. According to Spotify, the company they acquired Kinzen uses machine learning and human experience to analyze potentially dangerous content and incite hatred in several languages.

Spotify stated that Kinzen will help us make working with the platform safer and more enjoyable. While it is claimed that the technology used by Kinzenn is particularly suitable for podcasts and other audio formats, it is claimed that it is very important to control such malicious content on Spotify.

Emphasizing that it is very difficult to detect malicious content in hundreds of different languages for a well-known platform, he states that Kinzen will be very useful in this regard. Accordingly, Kinzen will help Spotify detect an abusive environment and identify emerging threats on the platform.

In fact, these two companies have been working together since 2020. Firstly, the companies that worked together on misinformation in the content were able to filter out some of the false information, especially about COVID-19.

During the pandemic, podcasts containing a lot of false information were published on Sportify, and the platform caused a violent reaction. Hundreds of doctors and scientists have called on Spotify to take measures to prevent the spread of misinformation. Following these events, Spotify took various measures regarding COVID-19 for its podcast episodes.

By including Kinzen, Spotify aims to prevent similar misinformation from happening in the future. Let’s wait and see how useful this step will be. So what do you think about harmful podcasts on Spotify? You can share your opinion with us in the comments section.


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