Spotify started experimenting with widgets for iOS 14!


As it is known, iOS 14 met with users in September and one of the new features, the widget, was very popular. On top of that, Spotify started experimenting with widgets for iOS 14!

This feature is now being tested in the latest Spotify beta version

Spotify is testing the widget, which is thought to be very preferred for iOS. For now, this feature is only available to TestFlight users of the Spotify beta.

According to the information obtained by 9to5Mac: Native support for this feature has appeared in Spotify beta. They investigated in detail Spotify’s iOS home screen widget app, spotted by 9to5Mac reader Yo Nel. As a result of the research, it includes two sizes, small and medium, and looks like the Apple Music widgets available since iOS 14 was released.

The images in the leaks reveal that Spotify is working on several different sizes of widgets, at least small and medium sizes. No images with the largest widget size yet appear.

While the Spotify iOS 14 widget feature is available in the Spotify beta version for TestFlight users, the feature is not yet available by other users.

There seems to be no ‘Currently Playing’ control bar to play, pause or skip tracks as mentioned. The widget looks like Apple’s own Apple Music widget in terms of functionality, and it shows boxes to be filled with artist’s works, possibly for music or podcasts.


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