Spotify Revamped the Design of the Podcast Episode


Spotify, the world’s largest digital music platform, has changed the design of the podcast episode that has come to life. The new interface, which provides easier access to information about the content, can increase the interest of users for podcast broadcasts.

Spotify, which bought two huge platforms of the podcast ecosystem, Anchor and Gimlet Media, in the past year, wants to be the leader in the podcast industry. So much so, the huge investments made by the Swedish company in the last two years enabled the podcast network to grow by 200 percent in 2019.

Despite this, today, only 16 percent of Spotify’s monthly subscribers interact with podcast content. Redesigning the podcast side of the streaming application to increase this rate, the company offers its subscribers an easier way to view information about the content.

The most striking feature of the new interface should be the trailers. From now on, content producers will be able to share a minute or two of their podcasts with their users as a trailer. These publications, which are highlighted with the ‘Trailer’ tag apart from the content, will be at the top of the section list.

The basic idea here is to listen to a small part of a podcast that users are curious about and listen to the content. In Spotify’s catalog, there are more than 700,000 podcasts in dozens of topics such as science, life, sports, politics, technology and music.

The Swedish company will also add some simple tags below the description of the content, such as “personal stories”, “travel” and “relationships” to help users discover new podcasts. Users can instantly access similar content by clicking on these tags.

The changes made by Spotify on the podcast side follow the footsteps of the market leader Apple Podcast. The company, which wants to make it easier for people who are accustomed to the design and layout of Apple Podcast, to switch to Spotify, promises a much more functional podcast experience with the innovations it offers. Spotify announced that the new design has started to be offered to iOS and Android users as of today.


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