Spotify Releases Widget Support for iPhones


Spotify has started offering support for the widget feature that comes with iOS 14. Now Spotify user iPhone owners will be able to use Spotify on the home screen without entering the application.

Apple has finally introduced the long-requested widget feature to users in iOS 14, the new version of the mobile operating system, which it introduced at WWDC 2020 in recent months and released for all iPhone 6S and newer iPhone models as of last month.

Although Apple introduced the widget feature in iOS 14, the ability to use widgets in third-party applications depended on whether the developers supported the application, and Spotify, the world’s most popular online music service, has released widget support for all iOS 14-installed iPhones as of today.

Spotify unfortunately doesn’t offer much variety in the widget interface in iOS 14, and users can only choose between two widgets. With Spotify’s widgets in iOS 14, you can access recently played songs, playlists, artists, albums or podcasts.

In addition, Spotify’s iOS 14 widget includes a smart background feature. With this feature, the background of the Spotify widget changes to the color of the album cover of the last played song. For example; If the album cover of the last song you played has a blue-heavy visual, the background of the widget is also in blue tones.

What you need to do to use Spotify widget on iPhones;

Step # 1: Turn on Jiggle mode by holding your finger on the home screen.
Step # 2: Tap the ‘+’ icon in the upper left corner.
Step # 3: Find Spotify in the list of widgets.
Step # 4: Select the widget size you want.

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As you can imagine, in order to use Spotify widgets in iOS 14, you first need to update the application to the latest version. Click here to go to Spotify’s App Store page and check if you have updated the app to the latest version.


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