Spotify Releases Song Lyrics To All Users


Spotify began globally releasing, this Thursday (18), the visualization of lyrics in real time, through the Lyrics function. The feature is one of the most requested by streaming users around the world, according to the platform itself.

The novelty, available to both Premium subscribers and Spotify free version listeners, was developed in partnership with the lyrics platform Musixmatch. It can be found in the app for mobile devices (Android and iOS) and in versions for smart TV, video game consoles and desktop.

It is worth remembering that the Swedish company introduced real-time letters to a limited number of countries last year, including Brazil, after carrying out the first tests in 2019. Initially, only 26 countries had access to the function, mainly in Latin America and in Southeast Asia, later expanded to 28 markets.

In other regions, listeners only had access to Behind the Lyrics, released in 2016, which displays excerpts from the lyrics interspersed with curiosities about the track and the artist in question. With the arrival of Lyrics in all markets where the service is available, this old feature should be discontinued.

How to View Song Lyrics on Spotify

Lyrics on Spotify are available on all platforms on which the service can be accessed. To view them on your cell phone, for example, just scroll the screen from bottom to top while listening to a song (they are synchronized with the music), even having the option of sharing the transcripts with someone.

If you use streaming in the desktop app, just click the microphone icon in the “Now Playing” bar while the music is playing. On TV and consoles, open the “Running View” option in a track and activate the display in the lyrics button.