Spotify: Reddit user finds HiFi option in the app


Spotify: Yesterday (17), a Reddit user shared an accidental discovery: themonarc came across a menu on Spotify that suggests the introduction of a new premium layer in the app, HiFi, through which songs would be played without loss of quality – plans already announced by the company, which pledged to introduce the complement by the end of 2021.

According to him, when he realized the error, he quickly tapped the menu to check what it was about. Then, an additional screen revealed that the option supports 16-bit streaming at 44.1 kHz on wired headsets.

Unfortunately, the selected track was not played – so the tool, even in the process of being launched, is still being developed.

News? Not exactly

Information of this type has been circulating on the network for at least three years, and the company has even tested the feature with a select group of users, with an estimate of an upgrade from $ 5 to $ 10 for anyone who wants the functionality.

On this path, already followed by Apple and Deezer, is also Amazon, and who knows what other implementations await the users of the applications.


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