Spotify Raises Prices From One to Three Euros in Europe

Spotify is one of the applications most installed by users of all systems. The app has a version for all types of devices, be it computer, smartphone or tablet and you can use it for free. However, the version in which there are no ads has a cost, although unfortunately for many the company has news to give. It is about the future price increase of Spotify that will be made in Europe and England.

How much does the Spotify rate go up?

It is very common to see how companies increase the prices of their products little by little. In the world of electronics we see it year after year, especially in the section of smartphones. So do applications in many cases, especially those whose service is supported by the use of a fee for users to use. This is the case of Spotify, which has also announced the arrival of its new mini-player.

And we say that ‘too’ because this is not the only novelty that the company has provided. It turns out that Spotify will be raising rates in Europe and the UK in the near future. The rise is not much, but it is true that more than one will notice it depending on the plan you have selected. According to Mashable, users are not happy with this increase in cost.

Those who have received the email have seen the communication of the company since “as of April 30, 2021, we will increase the price of Premium Duo in order to continue offering new content and functions that you can enjoy both as a couple and individually” . In this case, it costs one euro more, so it goes from about 13 euros to 14. The same will happen in the individual ones, which will reach about 11 euros.

Family plans, the most affected

We have already discussed that Spotify will raise prices soon in Europe and will do so for all plans. As you can see, two of the plans it has for sale have a slight increase, but the family plan will be the most affected of all. This will go up no less than three euros, so each member will have to scratch their pocket a little more to have all the benefits of the service.



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