Spotify Opens Video Podcasts to More Creators


The Spotify streaming service has confirmed the availability of a new podcast publishing format on its platform. From now on, more content creators will be able to upload video podcasts to subscribers of paid or free plans.

The novelty was announced in 2020, but it was still limited and experimental. From now on, it will be possible to use the Anchor tool to upload video content, which can also be played in the form of audio only — and it will be up to the viewer to decide which format they prefer, switching between them at any time if they prefer.

Novelty for both sides

The publication of videos, promises the company, will be as intuitive as that of audio files and will also allow for new forms of monetization with the recently released subscription plans.

In addition, consumption will be within the Spotify app itself and in virtually all versions, from the mobile app or browser as well as on Smart TV systems.

Recently, the platform also launched a feature for sharing podcast excerpts and another for polls and questions, to increase interactivity.


For now, access to video podcasts via Anchor will be gradual, with content creators in certain regions getting the news sooner than others. For now, those interested must fill out a registration form to enter the waiting list, which will notify when the format will be available in their country.


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