Spotify Opens Google Account Sign-in Feature


Spotify, the world’s most popular music sharing application, does its best to make it easier for its users to use the application. The company has now activated the ability to log in with a Google account.

For many years, internet users had to log in separately and create a separate user to become a member of almost every platform. Today, it is possible to log in with the accounts of companies such as Facebook and Google without any problems. Spotify was the last platform to support this feature.

While Google is slowly unplugging its own music streaming platform, Google Play Music, Spotify makes it easier for Google users to subscribe to their apps. It is now possible to log into Spotify with a Google account.

Google login to Spotify

Those who log into Spotify from a smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system can choose their Google account as their login option. When we look at the information on the support page of the platform recently, we see that it has not been a day since the feature was activated.

Login with Google account will replace the traditional password process as we have seen before. Thus, the number of passwords that people need to remember will be reduced by 1 more. Nevertheless, as far as is known, this integration has no other advantage. There is no change in application usage or pricing.

Although this feature is currently available on Android devices and Spotify Web, smart devices with iOS operating system or Windows application do not yet support Google login. Those who will be using the new input method may want to consider this point.

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Traditional accounts do not convert to Google accounts

Another remarkable point about the new login method is that previously created accounts with traditional passwords cannot be converted into accounts with Google login. Since existing accounts have not been merged yet, users need to take this point into account.

According to the statement from Spotify, if your e-mail address you use on the platform and your e-mail address you use in your Google account are the same, the system directs you to login with a combination of e-mail and password. If your two e-mail addresses are different, a new account is created for you.


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