Spotify on Apple Watch without using iPhone


Being able to use apps like Spotify on a smart watch is an advantage, since it avoids us having to take our mobile out of our pocket to change a playlist, search for a song, or perform any other action, but we still have to use the ‘intermediary’ mobile so to speak. Something that the platform is changing in Apple’s iOS systems.

Spotify on Apple Watch without iPhone

Last September we saw Spotify testing a streaming support function to be able to use the service on the Apple Watch without having to depend on the iPhone. And as websites like 9to5Mac point out, the function is now reaching more users of the platform and the Apple Watch.

Apparently, the update does not require the interaction of users, who, upon receiving it, have begun to see a message that urges them to click on the ‘app’ to start the broadcast. Although yes, for the moment the functions are limited, since for example it still does not have a search option, although you can configure Siri to do this function.

At the moment the thing is in a public test format, so if you have an Apple watch, you use Spotify and you have not received it yet, it is a matter of time before it ends up reaching you.

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