Spotify Offers New Features For Social Media Sharing


Spotify is one of the favorite channels of those who want to share music on social media. Many people share the songs they listen to on Spotify with their followers via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Stories.

Considering this interest, the company offers new features for social media posts. These new features will be available to users through Spotify iOS and Android apps. These features are defined by Spotify as follows:

  • You should listen to this episode: With the new podcast timestamp sharing, users can share a specific moment of the podcast episodes – so you can get your friends to listen exactly to the episode you think they’ll enjoy. To do this, while listening to your favorite episode of the podcast, tap the “share” button, use the “share start” feature and choose where you want to share the content.
  • Canvas feature is also coming to new platforms: Users will now be able to use Canvas feature, which was previously used only for Instagram Stories, in Snapchat and very soon Facebook stories. Offering users a completely new listening experience, Canvas transforms a static song sheet into a video-art show.
  • Sharing is made easy: The new sharing experience on mobile gives users a preview of their social media posts on Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Facebook Stories, allowing them to understand what they will look like before sharing.


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