Spotify offers a new way to share with promotional cards


Spotify offers its users a new way to share content with promotional cards. These cards, which can be created by both musicians and podcasters, offer content owners a new way to promote their songs or podcasts on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. It is worth mentioning from the outset that these cards can also be shared by the audience.

To create a card, you need to go to the Spotify for Artists or Spotify for Podcasters sites and follow the instructions shown here. Promotional cards will be able to direct users to a profile page, song, album or podcast section.

In addition, this success of the songs or podcasts that are in one of the 33 lists that Spotify has created and includes popular content will be shown on the cards. It is also worth mentioning that the cards are prepared for sharing in both horizontal and vertical formats.

Listeners can also create cards. For this, there will be no need to go to the website that musicians or podcast producers benefit from. In the statement made by Spotify, it was emphasized that listeners have the opportunity to celebrate the content they love.

With the Spotify promotional cards, it offers a strong visual advertising tool to musicians and podcast producers who are very important to them.

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