Spotify Now Shows Real-Time Statistics for Artists


Spotify has updated Spotify for Artists for artists. With the updated Spotify for Artists app, Spotify artists can see how many listeners they have in real time.Spotify has released an update for both iOS and Android versions of the ‘Spotify for Artists’ app for artists.

With the update artists; live statistics, playlists, and how many people worldwide are instantly listening to their songs. There are also various design innovations in the application.

The Spotify for Artists application, which was launched in 2017, has been providing listening statistics to the artist since its first day. Thanks to the renewed application, artists can see how many people are listening to their songs in real time thanks to the expanded listening statistics. Spotify also said it would be easier to follow key milestones in the renewed application.

Artists will be able to see these activities when their songs are added to a playlist with the new update or when they gain new followers. The Home tab of the app will provide more suggestions for artists on how to best use the Spotify tools and to introduce upcoming events. In the Home section, unlike them, artists will be able to read news, watch videos and connect with other artists.

Audience analytics and music sections; it went through a visual renewal process to make it easier to see the latest statistics about what fans listened to, where they lived, and which artists they liked. There were also innovations in the personalization part of the application. Artists or their managers will now be able to select a new profile photo, write a new biography, and update the playlist. The transition between profiles will be easier for companies or managers who manage multiple artists.

Updating Spotify for Artists is one of the most important things after the release. Spotify, which is ahead of its rivals such as Apple Music and Deezer thanks to the instant activity of the audience, is important in terms of creating a competition in the market.


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