Spotify makes it easy to add people to public playlists


For obvious reasons remote working is more popular than ever. Spotify also seems to have taken this into account. The online music and podcast platform has made some changes accordingly that make the common playlist feature easier to use.

There will now be an “Add User” button in the title section of the playlists. Thus, new people who can contribute to the lists can be easily added. Avatars of the supporters of the list will also be shown here. In short, other contributors to the list will be visible. The avatar of the person who added that content to the list will be placed next to each song or podcast.

YouTube also introduced the feature to create a new collaborative playlist a while ago. Different music tools also provide this opportunity to users.

Spotify has started the distribution of its new feature. It is foreseen that all users will be able to benefit from this feature in a short time.

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