Spotify looking for a new audience: The platform is launching a “Kids” version


Spotify sets out to conquer a new core target: children. Yes, the giant will launch a “Kids” version to attract toddlers.

Spotify is expanding its target. The Swedish platform, first on the streaming market, seeks to please toddlers. Thus, it will launch an offer dedicated to children: “Spotify Kids” .

While Spotify is still the market leader , it is constantly rethinking its music offering. Not dissatisfied with having seduced an adult audience, the Swedish firm therefore hopes to retain the youngest . To do this, it will first be necessary to seduce the parents. Never mind. After all, rival YouTube Music has already done so.

We can say that Spotify continues the innovations. After the “songwriter” tab, the music streaming giant sets off in search of a new target: children . It is therefore through its new offer, Spotify Kids, that the music giant appeals to the whole family, even the youngest.

Spotify follows in the footsteps of its rival YouTube Music. With its Kids offer, the Swede aims to become a “sound playground for children” . Thus, it is not less than 6000 tubes that the platform makes available to the youngest, banning any content stamped with the mention “explicit” . What reassure parents. As for the selection of songs, it is carried out by experts at Nickelodeon and Disney, concerned with the tastes and musical expectations of a child.

“The user experience of Spotify Kids is different from that of the Spotify app , ” said the giant, who insists it is intentional. Intuitive, it takes into account their tastes, but also the child’s understanding. And so, no ads either. With such a strategy, the firm thinks long term. Thus, it retains future customers from the cradle . In addition to Sweden, the United Kingdom and Australia are already testing this function. As for the Hexagon, it will still be necessary to be patient. It remains to be seen what will happen.