Spotify-Like Audio Ads Coming to YouTube


YouTube announced that the audio ads feature, which is still in beta, is being broadcast for a wider audience. With the feature still being tested, YouTube users will encounter audio ads similar to Spotify’s free version while listening to podcasts or music.

YouTube, one of the most popular video content platforms in the world, is a very popular tool used by music and podcast broadcasts to reach large audiences. Now YouTube is opening a new ad model that has been tested to monetize the popularity of audio content to wider audiences.

In addition to the standard visual ads, there will also be audio ads on YouTube, along with the feature that YouTube has stated that it has developed in order to “efficiently expand reach and increase brand awareness”. As you can imagine, YouTube’s audio ads specifically target those who use the app for podcasts and music.

YouTube will broadcast audio ads for podscast lovers

In fact, we can compare YouTube’s audio ads feature to the free version of Spotify in general. Users will see approximately 15 seconds of audio ads as they continue to consume audio-focused content. However, since YouTube is basically a video content platform, a static image or small animations will continue to appear in audio ads.

While YouTube Ads Product Manager Melissa Hsieh Nikolic made statements about audio ads, companies should not forget that the lead role will be the voice used when preparing an audio ad, and a clear understanding of what the ad will be about even when users close their eyes, the message is sincere and remarkable with an understandable language. stated that it should be transmitted by voice.

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According to Nikolic’s statements, in the first trials of audio ads, brands saw an increase in ad recall by 14 percent and in preference by 2 percent. According to Nikolic, voice ad campaigns tested on YouTube have increased brand awareness by a whopping 75 percent. While YouTube stated that audio ads are currently in beta stage, they stated that they will be accessible to a wider audience over time.


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