Spotify lets you find songs by lyrics


The Internet helps you find everything you need. You only need a search engine from which they direct you to the point of the Network where you may find what you need. Sometimes it is a purchase that you want to make, read an article that you want to read or, why not, find a song that you only know the lyrics of. The latter is something of the most common and is finally something you can do directly from Spotify with its new search function.

Find your favorite songs using the lyrics

Surely you have found a song that you have listened to if you had your mobile handy. It’s easy to do this trick if you have the right application, but if you don’t, you will have to remember at least some part of the lyrics. Afterwards, the procedure is just as simple, so you just have to Google the extract you know of this song.

But it may be that looking for music on the most famous site on the Internet is a bit outdated. Therefore, if you are a lover of streaming music apps, you can always count on the help of the new Spotify function. And it has been confirmed that the firm will soon put a letter recognition to find your songs.

The feature works in the following way: everything is as simple as opening the application, going to the search engine, typing the letter in question and waiting for the results. When these appear you will have a small label that will tell you that those songs are proposed to you because the words you have used match the lyrics you have searched for.

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The best thing about this feature is that both iOS and Android users can have it at all times from the moment they leave. The firm has already warned of its arrival, so it is a matter of time before you have this function of finding your favorite music by the lyrics very soon. Otherwise, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, you only have to use your smartphone and a recognition application such as Shazam or Google to find that piece that you want to save in one of your playlists.


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