Spotify launches its own musical social network! (PHOTO)


Spotify has already revolutionized music and streaming. He is about to transform social networks by creating his own!

Spotify is surely the most popular streaming app today. But the Swedish company does not intend to stop there! She is working on the creation of a musical social network.

Nothing like a new app to outdo the others. Determined to bury Deezer, Apple Music or TIDAL, Spotify is about to launch Tastebuds. According to the articles on this subject, this new social network has a future! It should let Spotify subscribers know what their friends are listening to. The best part is that you won’t even need to download an app. The Tastebuds tab will indeed be in the app.

So there’s no need to jump from one playlist to another to find songs. You just have to trust the tastes of your friends! Tastebud will offer another service to subscribers to Spotify. It will let you know which titles are the most successful with their friends. This should empty Facebook walls and Instagram stories from quite a few people! It will therefore be possible to exchange nuggets without leaving Spotify!

The Swedish streaming app not only took advantage of the holidays to advertise the social network, but also revealed some tops. Spotify has indeed shared what were the most listened titles in France this year. The winners are of course Ninho, PNL and Nekfeu. Jul, Niska, Koba LaD, Lomepal, Damso, Roméo Elvis and Booba also found their audience in 2019. It was therefore a year dedicated to rap!

You can find almost the same names in the top ten most listened albums of the year. We find Destin (Ninho), Jeannine / Amina (Lomepal) and Deux frères (PNL). But also Les Etoiles vagabondes (Nekfeu), En esprit (Heuss L’enfoiré), Mr Sal (Niska) and Brol (Angèle). Scars (Zola), Nothing 100 Nothing (Jul) and Nakamura (Aya Nakamura) close the door.


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