Spotify launches “Group session” for real-time listening with friends!


We can finally listen to music together! During the confinement, we missed it … So Spotify launches a “Group Session”!

Good idea from Spotify! Listening to some music with friends may have been missed for two months … So the platform is releasing something new: the group session! A way to listen to others, and also remotely!

A new unique mode, therefore, in music: listening to others, thousands of kilometers apart if necessary. We already knew Netflix Party, to watch and comment on certain programs…

This time, Spotify therefore launches Group session. The beta version has been launched for a few days, to let people in confinement share a musical moment together … And the application has done things as well!

Because the use seems very easy. All you need is the app, an account, and click on “connect” at the bottom left. You then receive a code, which allows you to invite your friends …

And so, share a playlist with others. Sportify therefore tries to re-bond through separated people through music. A good idea that should help the brand keep its number 1 position…

In any case, the brand seems very proud. She explains this new mode: “a scalable function that allows a group of two or more Premium users in the same space. ”

A way “to share control of their listening session with others via a Spotify code. »The way to share sounds, to listen to them together too … And even to create sets with others.

“In addition to real-time listening, the functionality will provide shared queue control and collaboration for the listening group. “The company is hitting a big blow …

It remains to be seen what subscribers will think of it. Because Netflix Party has allowed friends to meet from the start of confinement … Spotify is therefore a little late. But music always promises a great reunion!


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