Spotify Launches Greenroom App, Clubhouse Competitor


Spotify launched this Wednesday (16) the Greenroom, an application for live voice chats that comes to compete with platforms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. The novelty is available for free for Android and iOS in 135 countries, including Brazil.

Working separately from music streaming, the new real-time audio chat platform is an evolution of the Locker Room app, from developer Betty Labs, purchased by Spotify in March. With a changed name and a renewed design, the social network allows you to access themed chat rooms and create your own space.

Each room in Spotify Greenroom can have up to 1,000 people participating simultaneously, talking about a variety of topics. In larger events, the moderator has some features to avoid the mess and ensure the best experience, such as the “raise your hand” tool to ask for the floor.

It is also possible to record the entire conversation that takes place in a session, for security reasons, allowing the use of the file to investigate possible incidents, if necessary and requested by the user. Another possibility is to use the recorded audio to create a streaming podcast.

Content Monetization

Spotify’s live voice chat app will also give content creators the opportunity to monetize their work. According to the Swedish company, this will be possible through a tool called Creator Fund, whose presentation will take place soon.

This fund for breeders will be open to any Greenroom user interested in enrolling in the program, as long as certain requirements are met. Payments are based on factors such as audience of rooms and consumption of content displayed in them, among others.

It is noteworthy that, unlike the Clubhouse, no invitation is required to participate in the Greenroom. The account on the platform can be created with the same login as Spotify.