Spotify launches filters to classify favorite songs


Spotify launched, on Thursday (25), a feature that provides filters so that users can classify their favorite songs. From this update, it will be possible to choose genres and mood and make a kind of “playlist within the playlist” of the favorite songs.

The tool will allow songs marked with the heart to be grouped in genres such as rap, indie, electronics and mood states such as “cold weather” and “bombing”.

Spotify explained that to use the filters, the list of favorite songs will need to have at least 30 songs. In this first moment, 15 different categories will be released to group the songs.

The novelty’s slogan is “find the tracks you love when you need them”. It will be possible to select more than one filter and, as soon as the user wants, he can click on an “x” to deselect the options.

The novelty has already started to work for subscribers and users using the free version of the service. However, at this first moment, only people with Android and iOS from English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and South Africa will have access to the resource. There is no news of when the tool will be made available in Brazil.

This was the second Spotify ad in a week. Last Monday (22) the company explained about the arrival of the Hi-Fi plan, which offers the transmission of music with the least possible loss of quality and the greatest sound fidelity desired by the artist.


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