Spotify Launches A New and Fast Library


Spotify: App redesigns are very important to users. Sometimes they are tedious due to all the changes they receive and that modify the place of the rest of the functions, while sometimes they are necessary for a faster and easier handling. This is precisely what has happened to Spotify, where they have announced the arrival of a new design for the Your Library page.

New changes in an important part of Spotify

When it comes to finding music, you can always count on Spotify. You have a library with music files of all kinds and all of them can be consulted, grouped in a playlist or shared with your friends through messaging applications. The point is that the more time you spend using the application, the more content you bind. In the end, it is very difficult to find specific content, but thanks to the new design of the library it will be much easier to use.

This section has everything you need to find music, both the one you save and the playlists you follow. Now the system will be much more agile thanks to the new dynamic filters. These will appear at the beginning of the section and will be a tag cloud with which you can determine what exactly you are looking for. Podcast, playlists or varied genres will be put together in this section.

Another important point is the new grid view to visually sort all the content from the latest podcasts, through albums, to playlists. On the other hand, you will have better sorting options with the help of displaying content in alphabetical order as well as recent playback or even the name of the creator.

Last but not least, what’s new in Your Spotify Library has to do with the content you like the most. Finally, users will have the opportunity to place all the content that they consider most important in a high place on the list. This will be possible with the fix function, represented by the typical pushpin and which is activated by moving the content to the right.

Available from the month of May

The arrival of the new design of the Spotify library brings big changes and for the better. Do you want other good news? You will not have to wait long, since the company has said that both iOS and Android users will have access to it from next week already in the month of May.


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